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We are open for business for the season on May 4

Check "Plants" to see our offerings

Misty Acres Farm is a 128 acre, preserved farm located in Readington Township in central New Jersey. It is owned and operated by the Allen Family, who have farmed there since 1975. We farm using only natural fertilizers and no chemical pesticides or herbicides on our crops.

The Allens

We grow a wide variety of vegetables that we sell at our farmstand on Hillcrest Road (pictured above.) Heirloom tomatoes are our specialty. We also sell tomato plants and other vegetable plants.

The farmstand operates 24/7 from May thru November. Everything sold at our farmstand is grown on our farm.

We also raise hay, Angus cattle, pigs, and Tunis sheep.

Please explore the rest of our site for additional information on our farm products.

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